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The Journey of Trials: We don’t have to try to embrace love. Love already is. Choose an artist to watch A soul to watch A voice to watch A song to watch A story to watch

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We have access to a great within. We have opportunity to travel greatly reading between the lines of our actions, becoming suddenly attuned to the mysterious wisdom of our funk and soul.

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Interview: IYEOKA live in Bucharest

During our recent tour stop in Bucharest to play at the Silver Church, we had the opportunity to stop by the TV City studios for an interview and live performance.

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The Way

The book will come in various ways. Be prepared. If I were to explain this to my sisters, I would tell them this: First girls, breathe deeply. Smile. Say thank you, thank you, Obulu for the third. You will hear … Continue reading

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Get to know my creative process.

Sound bites I write from a place  of casual calm. I choose to access a picture that once called forth an emotion. I Call it in. I write what I see. I recall the experience.  I write what I feel. … Continue reading

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Rule #8

In a series of three or more heartbreaks with a lover, occupy a hiatus to buffer between healing sessions, except the last. Thus transform your insight to include forgiveness. Pull a grip of copper coated revelations to clear a beautiful … Continue reading

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Get Rid of the World

poems by Iyeoka. I heard the choir sing.
It brought tears to my eyes.
The harmony showed me how
to get rid of the world.

Tomorrow I will smile for the camera.
I will light a thousand candles.
I will sing a million mantras
about surviving the heat of this fire
lifting all the stars inside me.

Tomorrow I will write another poem.
I will read another book to get
me believing in these moments
quick to switch on and off.

I will sing another song about
love, about God, about a stage
with a microphone waiting to
take me closer to home.
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The Patient Sea of Fullfilment

An apron of life and wind  lifts into the blue sky.   A heart sinks untimely with a smile. Tears invade concrete between the fear of silence and relief of the truth.   This is the distance of fulfillment  taking possession in the tide  … Continue reading

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I want to share my words with the world –Iyeoka

I want to share my words with the world –Iyeoka SOURCE: NATIONAL MIRROR TERH AGBEDEH 01/02/2012 00:36:00 With her mum, Dr. Okoawo Iyeoka Ivie Okoawo a.k.a. Iyeoka, was born in Boston, United States of America to Esan-speaking Nigerian parents from Edo … Continue reading

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